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How To Choose Hairpieces

Tuesday, December 26, 2017 10:43:33 PM America/Los_Angeles

When selecting hairpieces, one must consider the shape of the head and the face and the wearer's skin color. Modern wigs have evolved from the unattractive and easily detectable toupees of the past to natural-looking hair that blends naturally with a person's appearance. The pieces available today fit better, are more comfortable to wear and look and feel natural. Custom-made wigs are usually the best, though they tend to be more expensive than their ready-made counterparts. High quality custom-made wigs are made of human hair. Manufacturers of custom-made wigs match the texture and density to the wearer's hair, ensuring that the wig is completely undetectable in the scalp.

Metal clips are fastened to the natural hair; they are secure and can easily be removed. The concern with metal clips is the possibility of the wig falling out of place when the wearer engages in rigorous activity. Another option is using snaps which are tied or sewn to the natural hair by a hair expert. Since these cannot be removed easily, they can cause hygiene problems.

The costs of hairpieces are determined by the quality of the hair used, by whether the piece is custom-made or ready made and by the type of fastening used. Caring for the wigs is just the same as caring for natural hair. Wigs made with high quality human hair require closer attention and care and should be washed with shampoo and conditioner and blow dried.

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