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Hair Loss Easy Solutions

Sunday, October 26, 2014 11:25:36 PM America/Los_Angeles

Determining your own personal hair loss pattern and the best hair replacement system for you. Whether mild or moderate loss of hair, today's hair pieces, toppers fillers and full wigs make it easier than ever for women to regain confidence and get on with their daily routine.

The Savin scale shows a common measure of female hair loss from a normal hair density progressing to a thinning hair part all the way to a bald crown. While both genetics, lifestyle habits, diet, aging and medical conditions play a role in hair loss, determining your pattern and progression can help assist in finding a hair solution suitable for you.

1.) Fine or thin hair at the part and front hairline:

 Add coverage, length and volume just where you need it. From synthetic or human hair wigs fiber, fill in at the top and hairline with these easy to attach hairpieces that blend with your existing hair.

2.) Moderate to heavy hair loss at the part, top crown and front hairline:

 Need added area base size coverage for larger areas of hair loss? A condition generally caused by diet, aging, female pattern baldness, stress, medical conditions. Any of the top pieces, enhancers or halo frame additions allow easy application and comfort. Flawless and undetectable to both the wearer and others. Snap in and pull through methods make these an easy choice for women with heavier hair loss needs. 100% human hair wigs

3.) Heavy or complete hair loss:


Most commonly due to conditions resulting from medical conditions, cancer treatment, alopecia, trauma and more. Ideal for this level of hair loss is a full wig and headband with hair wigs that offer full coverage. Perfect for women with sensitive scalps, a range of real hair wigs and synthetic hair fibers with traditional and monofilament top construction, hand-tied hair, lace fronts, and fully adjustable caps are the preferred choice.  

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