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Choosing the right wigs for cancer patients

Wednesday, April 26, 2017 7:45:21 PM America/Los_Angeles

When a person is diagnosed with cancer it can be heartbreaking. Often even the idea of choosing wigs for cancer patients does not even come to mind. Certainly friends and family don't rush out to find out about wigs for cancer patients. This may be a mistake. One of the first things that is often mentioned when reading about chemotherapy is that the patient, be it male or female, is afraid they will lose all of their hair. This is not only the hair on the head but potentially all of their body hair. To some people that is a very real and scary by product of having chemotherapy.


It seems that a lot of women really love their hair. They seem to think it is defines them or makes them look pretty. Or that phrase 'Oh you have such healthy hair' makes them think lots of healthy hair means a healthy body. If this is the case the thought of actually shedding all of their hair, yes perhaps including eyebrow, underarm and facial hair to name a few, is scary. Of course this doesn't happen to everybody in the same way nor does it happen the same way with all cancer treatment chemotherapy. It depends on the type of drugs used in the treatment.


The next decision is what type of wig to get. There are many wigs made for cancer patients available. Some people like a synthetic wig because the way it is made allows air to flow through it. Of major importance to think about is that the patient may be shy about trying on wigs so it is best to pick a shop that respects their privacy. A shop that specializes in wigs for cancer patients will be aware of this and will be able to provide the necessary privacy.


If a person is looking at getting a wig to cover their hair loss from chemotherapy, they do have a few choices. Wigs come in natural hair, synthetic hair and a combination of both. Going even further, natural hair generally comes from three types of people, Asian which is the least expensive and the thickest. The second is Indonesian which is considered a mid-grade hair and has somewhat finer strands. The third natural hair is European hair which is the finest and can be very expensive.

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